Felix Kramer

I'm a writer and serial entrepreneur working on cleantech since 2001. I thrive on innovative ideas, campaigns, and companies inspiring change. I create and volunteer for nonprofits, and I advise and invest in cleantech startups.

I focus most on building awareness about the climate crisis, humanity's greatest challenge ever. I'm incubating a range of ideas and initiatives, working with people at 350.org, Environmental Entrepreneurs/NRDC, TED, Sierra Club, and in the cleantech world. Read more at BeyondCassandra.org. After the UK Guardian published my new proposal to Buy Out & Phase Out the US Coal Industry, it's getting attention (link below).

I founded the nonprofit California Cars Initiative (CalCars.org) in 2002 to bring plug-in hybrid cars like the Chevy Volt to market. In late 2009, we declared first-stage victory on plug-ins. Thomas Friedman said in his best-seller, Hot Flat and Crowded, "Felix Kramer has made plug-in electric cars not only his passion but an imminent American reality."

The past decade has been the most satisfying and productive work experience of my life. We have so much more to do!

The picture is the Milllau Viaduct in France--an inspiring model.